September 17th, 2002

CONTACT: Grant Doyle , Tel: (403) 541-9178 or (403) 815-8007


Local talent agency PM GIGS has received five Prairie Music Week nominations. Several artists in the agency roster are also nominated.

Nominations are:

* Talent Agency of the Year

* Manager of the Year - Pat McGannon

* Outstanding Video - Dino Martinis "Language of Love" (exclusive to PM GIGS roster)

* Outstanding Country Recording - Jake Mathews Debut Cd exclusive to PM GIGS roster)

* Outstanding Jazz Recording - Mocking Shadows "Long Way"

* Pat McGannon is the president and founder of PM GIGS. Pat is the keyboard player and one of the original, founding members of the Dino Martinis. He has been booking and managing the Dino Martinis since they started in 1994. He formed PM GIGS in January 2001 and went full-time with the "fully integrated music solution" concept in September 2001. The goal being to make an easier way for clients and artists to find each other.

* PM GIGS represents over 40 artists in Calgary and has several exclusive relationships with well-known locals such as the Dino Martinis, Jake Mathews and Tim Tamashiro.

* PM GIGS has produced several events over the past year including cd release events for the Mocking Shadows, Terrain, Johnny Summers, Tim Tamashiro and Masacote this coming September 27th. The company is also working on the Teddy Bears Picnic on Saturday September 21st.

* The Prairie Music Awards will take place in Winnipeg September 28th and 29th. For more information on Prairie Music Week check out <

For further information on how Calgary Renaissance uses PM Gigs to satisfy clients please contact Grant Doyle at Calgary Renaissance - 541-9178.

About Calgary Inc.

Calgary Inc. is Calgary’s economic development organization whose role is to work with companies in key economic sectors assisting them in becoming stronger; this in turn enables them to thrive, compete and expand in the rapidly changing global economy. Calgary Inc. focuses its work in the overall economic improvement of Calgary. Specifically, it provides economic information and analysis on the Calgary economy identifying strengths, opportunities, priorities, and target markets. It provides active recruitment of targeted companies by making direct contact with businesses, attending trade shows and organizing and participating in trade missions. Calgary Inc. is also the lead marketing agency for Calgary responsible for promoting the city as a world-class business investment opportunity. For more information

Calgary Mayor David Bronconnier and Hon. Lorne Taylor,
Alberta Environment Minister join Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
at the Emerald Irish Breakfast
Calgary Renaissance Corporation is pleased to announce that the Hon. Lorne

Taylor, Environment Minister of Alberta will join Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mayor Bronconnier on March 18th at the Emerald Irish Breakfast at the Calgary Hyatt Regency. This event, along with the Emerald Irish Gala at The Chicago Chophouse will assist with the formation of the Emerald Fund for EcoTourism Development. A Question and Answer period of 15-30 minutes will follow remarks by Dr. Taylor and Mr. Kennedy.

"We are pleased to be able to bring together two individuals who have been portrayed as having very different opinions about the Alberta environment. We encourage Calgarians to come to the events and make an informed opinion as to the thoughts of these environmental leaders. We are proud we were able to bring together Dr. Taylor and Mr. Kennedy and hope that Calgarians will enjoy what should prove to be a very interesting engagement, after the initial flurry of discussion in Banff." stated Grant Doyle, CEO of Calgary Renaissance Corporation.

Calgary Renaissance Corporation created the Emerald Fund for EcoTourism Development to satisfy a need present in the community. The Emerald Fund will be used to create events and assist organizations that contribute to the economic growth and environmental sustainability of the Calgary and area region through EcoTourism projects.

For more information about the Emerald Fund Eco-Tourism initiative, see our information summary here.

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Calgary Renaissance announces John O’Connell and Liam Flaherty of the New York City Fire Department will be the special guest at this years Calgary Woman’s Show.

CALGARY, AB – April 4, 2002

Calgary Renaissance Corporation, working with the Calgary Women’s Show, would like to officially announce that New York City firefighters John O’Connell and Liam Flaherty will be this year’s special guest.

John O’Connell is a 23 year veteran of the New York Fire Department, while having spent 14 of those years with Rescue 3 otherwise known as “Big Blue” which serves the Bronx/Harlem area of New York City. On September 11, 2002 John was at Ground Zero helping out in the rescue mission that ensued after the tragedy that changed the world. We, at Calgary Renaissance are sad to report that John lost 7 brothers of the “Big Blue” family that day. John has helped out on many rescue missions in his tenure with NYFD, such as assisting with Oklahoma City, Puerto Rico, and the other World Trade Centre attack. 

Liam Flaherty, 36, has been with FDNY for the past 12 years and works in Rescue Company 4 located in the Queens area of New York; Rescue 4 dates back to 1931. Liam is an instructor with the Fire Academy, where he teaches others life saving rescue techniques. Liam also teach Scuba Diving rescue with the academy. Liam has a flare for music, as he is the Drum Major with the FDNY Pipes and Drum band, which takes part in numerous different parades. On Sept. 11 2002 Liam was also at ground zero lending his expertise to the rescue mission. Liam’s company also suffered the lost of seven brothers that fateful day.

“We wanted to bring some real life heroes to the forefront, and allow the women of Calgary have a chance to meet and hear from someone who was personally involved in a history changing event” Calgary Renaissance CEO Grant Doyle said. With all the experience that John and Liam bring to the table, we could not think of two better candidates to tell their story to the women and people of Calgary.

John is on several national and international committees dealing with the Urban Search and Rescue area of firefighting. He is also part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) response system. John currently takes his knowledge all around the world, helping train others for Urban Search & Rescue.

FEMA US&R have 28 teams across the United States and they are used to assist with any Urban Search and Rescue. More information can be found for both Rescue 3 and FEMA on their web sites at and respectively.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective March 11th, 2002, Calgary Renaissance announces that the company's ownership structure has changed. Grant Doyle, CEO of Calgary Renaissance, is now the sole owner of Calgary Renaissance, having recently purchased all of the outstanding shares held by company's President, Greg Habstritt. Doyle and Habstritt co-founded the company in 2001 and organized one of the largest corporate events in Calgary's recent history, "An Evening with President Clinton".

Doyle will also take on the role of President moving forward, in addition to being the company's CEO. "I'm very excited to build on the momentum that Calgary Renaissance has created thus far and I am very appreciative of all the effort and talent Greg brought to the start-up of the company. Since Greg is involved in a number of projects that require his time, we both felt that this was the right step."

Habstritt added, "starting Calgary Renaissance with Grant was an extremely exciting project. I wish Grant all the best in building on the corporate vision he has mapped out for the future."

For more information, email Grant Doyle (

The inaugural event for Calgary Renaissance, "An Evening with President Clinton", was a sell-out, and a tremendous success. We want to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the evening such a memorable event for Calgary. We have added a review page of the event, featuring details and photos from the evening. Visit the Clinton Evening review page here.

** JUST RELEASED - A full transcript of President Clinton's speech is now available  - many people have inquired about the transcript, and we're pleased to bring President Clinton's inspiring and comforting address to you.  For more information and access the transcript, please click here.

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